Points: must maintain position minimum of 3 seconds.

Takedown – 2 points
Sweep – 2 points
Knee on belly – 2 points
Guard pass – 3 points
Mount – 4 points
Back control – 4 points


An advantage will be awarded for a submission that is fully locked in and/or extended when applicable.

An advantage will be awarded when an athlete completes a scoring technique but fails to maintain for 3 seconds.

If in a submission and an athlete exits/flees the mat, that athlete will award 2 points to their opponent and the match will restart from standing.

If in submission when sweeping you must escape the submission and stay on top for 3 seconds to get your points.

An athlete must have a grip before pulling guard.

If two athletes pull guard at the same time  they will have 20 seconds to advance the match or both will be stood up.  A penalty for each. 2x, a penalty and advantage for each. 3x will result in both athletes being disqualified.

When only one athlete comes up in a double guard pull, that athlete shall be awarded 1 advantage.

If an athlete goes for a takedown at the same instant their opponent pulls guard, it will only be scored as 2 if they initiated movement first.


All divisions – Any gripping inside the sleeves or paints of the kimono is illegal.

All divisions – No scratching, striking, biting or unsportsmanlike conduct.

All divisions – No slamming.

All divisions – Any kind of scissor takedown is illegal

All divisions – No dropping or slamming opponent on their neck/ head.

All divisions – No pressing into the trachea.

All divisions – No Neck locks or cranks.

All divisions – No Pressing or inserting fingers into any orifice or the eyes.

All divisions – No grabbing or pulling less than 4 fingers at a time.

Kids, white belts no gi, and all gi divisions – No Spinal locks or cranks.

Kids, white belts no gi, and all gi divisions – No knee reaping.

Kids and white belts- No Muscle slicers.

Kids – No jumping guard.

Kids – No submissions below the waist.

Kids- Chokes with the fist in the throat.

Kids- No Ezekiel chokes.

Kids- No Wrist locks.